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HS Code :


CAS N0  :


Form      :

Fibrous Powder or Particles

M. Mass :


Color      :

White or Milk White

Formula :


Carboxy Methyl Cellulose


The Carboxymethyl cellulose or CMC is a water soluble salt, produced by etherification of native cellulose by substituting hydroxyl groups of carboxymethyl groups in the cellulose chain. It is a non-toxic product.


Construction: In cement compositions acting as a stabilizer and hydrophilic agent.
Detergents: Used for soaps and detergents acting as an inhibitor of fat redeposition on fabrics after being eliminated by the detergent.
Paper: Reduce consumption of wax paper wax having lower penetration of wax paper cartons.
Agriculture: Suspending agent in pesticides and water-based sprays. Also as an aid in the degradation of some highly polluting fertilizers.
Adhesives: Additive in glues and adhesives.
Cosmetics: For dental impression materials and pastes or gels toothpaste.
Water-based paints: As thickener and suspending of the pigments in the fluid.
Oil: In drilling muds to avoid ground settlement.
Plastic plastic viscosity increases as latex.
Ceramics: Used to join pieces of porcelain.
Textile: antideformate Agent fabrics.
Pharmaceutical industry: As forming gels, stabilizer for suspensions, emulsions, sprays and bioadhesive.
Food: Assistant in the batter ice cream, cream and cream; as an auxiliary to form gels in gelatins and puddings; dressings and fillings thickener, suspending agent in fruit juices, etc.
Medicine: Formation of gels in heart surgeries, thoracic and cornea

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