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HS Code :


CAS N0  :


Form      :

Natural solid

M. Mass :

Color      :

yellow to black

Formula :


Gum Rosin


Gum Rosin is a natural solid form of pine oleoresin from pine trees. It is an organic compound of monoterpene, turpentine and resin acid. It was also called colophony due to its color properties.


Rosin mainly is used as the concrete frothing agent, floor tiling adhesive and coating material for release control fertilizer.
Rosin was widely used as an ingredient in heat melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive and rubber adhesive.
Rosin is used as solding aid, metal polishing agent, insulation material in electric equipment and to produce chewing gum
Rosin is a basic material for paint industry to produce various lacquers and for producing thermoplastic coating for road sign injunction
In papermaking industry, it is used as the sizing agent.
Used at replacement of Fatty acid in soap manufacturing and an ingredient of Depilatory wax.
Rosin is used as the softener, dispersant and emulsification in synthetic rubber industry

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