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crystal or powder

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Hydrated Lime


Hydrated Lime or slaked lime also known as�calcium hydroxide is an inorganic compound. It is colorless, odorless, non-flammable white powder.


It is commonly used as a flocculant in water and sewage treatment
It is used to produce Caustic soda, Calcium carbide, cyanamide, acetylene and in food preparation.
Lime is used in production of organics derivatives such as calcium acetate, stearate, oleate, tartrate, lactate, citrate, benzoate, and gluconate & inorganic derivatives includes calcium phosphates (mono, di, and tri), fluoride, bromide, ferrocyanide, and nitrate etc.
Lime is also used as an absorbent and gas purifier, desiccant, neutralizing agent in various industries.
Lime is used in the production of ethylene or propylene glycol, chrome chemicals, metallic calcium, salt brines, in the concentration of glucose and dextrin and in the purification of citric acid.
Hydrated lime is essential to the production & purification of sugar from various sources.
Slaked lime is used in production of Dolomite & dead-burned dolomite, synthetic refractory grade magnesia, Stabilized zirconium oxide, calcium magnesium acetate, Calcium hypochlorite bleaches, magnesium hydroxide and silica brick.
Lime water is often used in butter making process to produce cream, calcium caseinate (a form of glue) and lactic acid.
To produce glue or gelatin from waste materials from rendering plants, lime is used in slurry form.
Lime is used as an ingredient in preparation of baking powder, monocalcium phosphate.
In storage of fruit and vegetables, bags of hydrated lime is used to absorb CO2 to prevent ripening of fresh produce.
Slakes line is used in production process of following: - cornmeal, corn chip, tartaric, watermelon pickles

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