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HS Code :


CAS N0  :


Form      :

Fumming Liquid

M. Mass :


Color      :

White to yellow

Formula :


Nitric Acid


Nitric acid is a water soluble colorless to yellow fuming liquid. It is an inorganic Acid which is extremely corrosive and toxic as well as a strong oxidizing agent. It is obtained by the�oxidation�of ammonia


The principal use of nitric acid is in the manufacture of fertilizers- ammonium nitrate and calcium ammonium nitrate.
Nitric acid is used in the production of fertilizers, nitrate salts, making plastics, dyes, explosives, aqua regia, coal tar products and drugs
Nitric acid is used as a caustic to remove chancres & warts and in treatment of dyspepsia.
It has been used the oxidizer in liquid�fueled rockets.
Nitric acid is used as doping agent for organic semiconductors and in purification processes for raw carbon nanotubes.
In woodworking Nitric acid is used to age pine and maple artificially, to make intermediates in the polymer industry and notably in the manufacture of adipic acid.
Nitrobenzene is used to make aniline which is a key reagent for making dyes.

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