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HS Code :


CAS N0  :


Form      :

powder or flake

M. Mass :


Color      :


Formula :


Polyethylene Glycol


PEG is water soluble non-toxic, non-irritating substance having excellent lubricity, moisture retention & dispersion ability. It is slightly bitter in taste.


It is a good coating material, hydrophilic polishing material, membrane and capsule materials, plasticizers, lubricants and dropping pills matrix for the preparation of tablets, pills, capsules, Microcapsules etc.
In pharmaceutical and cosmetic used as a matrix to regulate viscosity and melting point.
It is used as a lubricant and coolant in the rubber and metal processing industries,
Used as a dispersant & emulsifying agent in the industrial production of pesticides and pigments.
In the textile industry it is used as antistatic agents, lubricants, wetting & softener agents.
Polyethylene glycol is used as the raw material of the ester surfactant.
In metal industry used as mold agent, wire drawing, stamping or molding lubricant and cutting fluid, welding agents.
in the paper industry used as a lubricant & to increase rapid rewet ability. In pesticide industry as a wetting agent

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