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CAS N0  :


Form      :

Powder & Flakes

M. Mass :


Color      :

white or pale, straw-colored

Formula :


Sodium Nitrate


Sodium nitrate Commonly referred to as Chile saltpeter is a water soluble & odorless, nitrate salt of an alkali metal. It is very hygroscopic It is stable in neutral or alkaline solutions. sodium nitrate is a strong oxidizing agent


Sodium nitrate used as preservative in processed meats, such as hot dogs, bologna, salami, ham and other deli meats and maintains its color as a red or pink.
In fertilizer industry, it is used as source of nitrogen, an important plant growth mineral. It has direct effect on fruit and flowers and stunted growth of the plant. And also, as pesticides
In glass industry, it helps in increasing the strength of glass to makes it resistant to scratching, increases toughness & optical clarity and clarifying molten glass for high-quality glasses production.
For metal treatment in Automobile industry, it is used as an accelerator in phosphating.
In heat treatment, used as heat transfer for quench hardening and tempering steel salt.
Used for manufacturing Di Nitroso Penta Methylene Tetra amine (DNPT), gunpowder, chromium and certain derivatives, potassium nitrate, azo dye & pigment and nitric acid.
Used as an additive for concrete and gypsum to inhibit corrosion of iron reinforcement
used in dental products, explosives, smoke bombs, in gunpowder, wastewater treatment, energy storage materials, and solid rocket propellants.
In eye drops it is an inactive ingredient in a variety of eye drops, presumably as a preservative.

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